浙江省医疗器械行业协会简介浙江省医疗器械行业协会[英文译名为:Zhejiang Provincial Association For Medical Equipment Industry 英文缩写为:ZAMEI ]系浙江省内从事医疗器械的生产、经营企业、院校、科研、检验和临床单位等独立的社会组织和自然人参加的自愿组成并依法登记成立的全省性的行业组织。1993年12月31日经浙江省民政厅批准、并于1994年3月召开了协会成立大会暨第一次会员大会。最近,2014年12月召开了第六次会员代表大会。协会接受党建领导机关浙江省经济和信息化委员会、社会团体登记管理机关浙江省民政厅的业务指导和监督管理。同时接受浙江省商务厅、浙江省科学技术厅、浙江省卫生和计划生育委员会、浙江省食品药品监督管理局的业务指导。




 About us

Zhejiang Provincial Association for Medical Equipment Industry (ZAIMEI) is a volunteer established and legally registered province-wide industry association, with members including independent social organisations and natural persons within Zhejiang Province working in the production, commercial enterprises, institution, research and clinical units of medical equipment. It was approved by Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau on the 31st of December 1993, and the inauguration conference which also served as the inaugural general meeting was held in March 1994. Just recently in December 2014 the 6th Members Representative Conference took place. The business governing unit for ZAMEI is Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission. The advisor unit is Zhejiang Province Food and Drug Administration.

The Mission Statement of ZAMEI is as follows: to comply with the Constitution, relevant Laws and national policies of the People’s Republic of China, to adhere to social morality, to continuously improve industry standards and the safety and effectiveness of its products, to bolster collective  strength, to represent and protect the mutual interests and legal rights of members, to serve its members, to reflect the will and needs of members, to communicate and implement Government guidelines, policies and legislations and to promote the healthy development of the medical equipment industry for the entire province.

As of the end of 2014, ZAMEI has more than 300 organisational and individual members. It has the secretariat and a consulting services department as its administrative organisations. Its branch organisations include the Technical Committee for Medical Polymer Devices and the Technical Committee for Medical Equipment Innovation and Promotion (to be established). ZAMEI employs experts and professors in the medical equipment field from Zhejiang University and other tertiary institutions as well as other relevant organisations as consultants. It maintains an internal publication The Medical Equipment Newsletters and has built the ZAMEI website.

For over 20 years since its establishment, ZAMEI has stood by its mission of maintaining the legal rights of its members, of providing exceptional service to its members and of promoting the development and growth of the medical equipment industry of our province, strengthening information exchange, enhancing information services, embedding self-development for the Association and providing services in various areas. It has proactively liaised with governing bodies with appeals from corporations as well as providing feedback on and suggesting amendments to relevant legislations, regulations and standards. It has carried out province-wide surveys of the current medical equipment industry status, and participated in the development planning of the province-wide medical equipment industry. It has been a participant in the recommendation and pre-certification of major technical transformations, technical imports, investments and development projects. It has mediated technical exchanges between research bodies, manufactures and corporations, facilitating the transformation and commercialisation of new products, new techniques, new materials and new equipment. It has driven industry technological advances, improved product quality and increased the variety of available products. It has facilitated research into new products and new technologies, enhanced the corporations’ ability for self-governance and innovation, and guided corporations in the proactive realignment of their industrial structures and the upgrading and renewal of their product. It has initiated program both against counterfeiting and shoddy quality and for promoting corporate trust. It has acted as an effective link between the government and corporations by bridging communication and contacts between the two.

Address: 23 Huancheng East Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. ZIP: 310009

Tel: 0571-87043144

Fax: 0571-87043191

Website: www.zamei.org.cn

Email: zamei94@126.com






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